Investasi Pariwisata

Investasi Pariwisata

Investasi Pariwisata di Kota Probolinggo sangat terbuka bagi para investor, dengan posisi yang sangat strategis dari aspek ekonomi, sosial dan budaya. Kebijakan investasi pariwisata yang mudah, prosedur investasi yang tidak rumit. Serta bentuk-bentuk insentif investasi pariwisata yang akan diberikan kepada calon investor.

Tourism Investment in Probolinggo city is very open for investor in strategic position from economic aspect, social, and cultural. Tourism Investment Policy is very easy and uncomplicated and variety insentive of tourism  investment which will be given to the investor. 



Bentuk-bentuk Investasi Pariwisata

1 International Hotel Chain As a transit city, Probolinggo City has great opportunity as developing place for international hotel chain. It also close to the world wide destination, Mount Bromo and other supporting adventure spots such as snorkling and diving spot on Gili Ketapang Island and rafting on Songa River. The opportunity in developing international hotel chain in Probolinggo based on the availability of high quality and international standard of accommodations currently only in Surabaya and Malang. The other side, Probolinggo City as main entrace to visit Mount Bromo has offered only star hotels. The international hotel chain would have the best market share for worldwide independent traveler and local groups, who majority to visit Mount Bromo. US $ 1.9 Kademangan District, Kanigaran District
2 Agreement on International Travel Agency  and Tourism Promotion Probolinggo City has amount total of 23 travel agencies and dominated of selling Mount Bromo package tour, and would be improved by selling different product offer such as city tour package. The agreement based on easiness and join cooperation of Probolinggo City’s travel agency and world wide link travel agency, in promoting the package tour in worldwide. The opportunity to have an agreement in world wide is to reach potential market share. US $ 1 Travel Agency
3 Increasing the Cruise Ship Visit Probolinggo City is only 45 km away to the international destination, Mount Bromo and others adventourous spots in East Java. As strategic position, it offers amount of marine based tourism potencies and remarkable peoples. It’s currently develop into a new cruise destination in East Java. By its strategic position, Probolinggo City’s Government has offered cooperation to gain more visitors from international cruise ship, by more intesify of visitation from world wide cruise ship. US $ 1.5 Tembaga Harbour, Mayangan District.
3 Developing Supporting Infrastructures for Cruise Ship Port The Tembaga Harbour is one of international cruise port in Probolinggo City, and it currently less of supporting infrastructure for cruise port. As place for entrance gate, it should be complete by supporting facilities and it has opportunity to develop into international standard of cruise ship harbour. The opportunity of developing supporting infrastructures are waiting place for passenger, café and resto, etc. And the market share is enhancement intensity of visitation by worldwide cruise to visit Probolinggo City. US $ 2.3 Tembaga Harbour, Mayangan District.
4 Marina Bay Probolinggo City has located on northern side of East Java and direct face againts Java Sea, so it remains a lot of marine potencies and seafood. There are some opportunity to develop marine based tourism, such as marina bay and its supporting facilities for yatch and small ships. US $ 1.3 Tembaga Harbour, Mayangan District.
5 Agrotourism based on Agro Organic
6 Waterboom and Water based Tourism
7 Ecotourism based Mangrove Forest
8 Resort Hotel